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Solar Panels: Our Process

360 Sparkle Solar Panel Cleaning:

Rain alone will not clean your solar panels, just as rain will not clean your car. Professional cleaning of your solar panels ensures that they will function at their most optimum level of performance for years to come. 360 Sparkle Solar Panel cleaning offers you a professional licensed and bonded cleaning service for all our residential & commercial customers to help them keep saving money.

* Did you know that Solar panel manufactures would void your warranty if your panels are not kept clean and in good operating condition?

* Why did you buy panels if your not going to keep them clean?

* Just by having dirty panels reduces your energy efficiency by up to 40%

Don’t put your self or your property at risk by hiring inexperienced cleaners that have no liability or workers compensation insurance”

360 Sparkle Solar Panel cleaners use only OSHA compliant equipment including all safety equipment such as electrician gloves and full body harness suits and safety ropes in case of any broken or damaged panels.

When efficiency matters, 360 Sparkle offers you the most safe and cost efficient alternative so call today and save!

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Residential & commercial solar services:

Solar panel Inspection. $59

(See restrictions right)

We will inspect your entire solar panel unit from panels to inverter to electrical tie-ins to determine what is causing the degradation in performance.

We will provide a verbal report at time of inspection.

The $59 inspection cost can be applied toward the repair or cleaning if you have us do the cleaning.

Solar panel cleaning.

(See restrictions right)

This is includes a hand scrub (brush) and DI water rinse. The hand scrub breaks up all the dirt on the panel so that it can be completely rinsed clean. The DI (de-ionized) rinse water is nothing but pure water. It contains no dissolved solids to dry on your panels which means your panels will stay cleaner longer. When we are done, your panels will be clean and spot free for maximum sun energy. We also don't use any harmful chemicals that will linger in your rain gutters or on your panels, which could attract dirt faster.

This also includes the same inspection as our $59 inspection, which covers all concerns of your solar panel unit from panels to inverter to electrical tie-ins.

You will be provided with a verbal report at time of inspection.

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Special pricing restrictions:

Inspection restrictions:

$59 special available for any residence in the Phoenix Metropolitan Surrounding area’s.
Price is for residences with up to 40 solar panels. More than 40 panels will require a custom quote.
Residence must be one or two stories. Additional stories will require a custom quote.
Roof must be easily accessible via an extension ladder.
The inspection comes with recommendations only.
Work to resolve the issues will require a custom quote or unless you are within the 360 Sparkle package plan.
You will receive a verbal report on the day of the inspection.